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Bread and Bakery

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At The Patisserie you will find a unique quality to our breads which are full of flavour and nutritional goodness. The secret is our freshly milled stoneground flour. We take organic grains, direct from various farms and mill our daily flour needs. Our Stone Mill consists of natural stones (corundum) - a material which has been used in watermills for centuries.

The advantage of this Mill is its low milling speed and cool gentle grain grinding action. Our Stone Mill produces a flour of superior quality retaining all the nutrients contained in the grain. This, combined with our traditional methods is why we are able to bake better bread. But it does not stop there.

We work efficiently and economically while retaining our characteristic quality.

Craft baked quality using the old fashioned proceedure.

We make the bread with a particular philosophy in mind - to make the most natural, most nutritious Real Bread possible using environmentally friendly methods which emphasise the human input and the preservation of the Baker's craft. This means hand made, no chemicals.

The result is a classic range of sour dough ryes, wholemeals and San Fransisco style sour dough breads. Various multi-grain and continental loaves are also available. In fact, a bread for all occasions.

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